Chanel cheek map of the Parisian brasserie

Monday, January 04, 2016
Wallace A Peck

Karl Lagerfeld is customary of the spectacular stagings: after having restored a supermarket and a Parisian Street during its previous parades, this time the brewery Gabrielle that he has installed under the glass roof of the Grand Palais.
Mannequins stroll before the tables. Tweed, of course, feathers, beads, houndstooth pattern make up this wardrobe where eras blend.
Two-tone shoes small heel and rear flange canada goose outlet online store complete the look, and a troller exaggerated, loose bun and Brigitte Bardot black headband.
Skirts, short or long as the kitchen aprons, with reasons of mosaic or rafters, canada goose outlet are worn over pants, contrasts of materials. In jacket embossed sleeves grafted on suit jackets and embroidered parkas come give a side chic sportswear to the collection, which has a few male silhouettes.
At the end of the parade, Karl Lagerfeld installs behind the zinc to CANADA GOOSE KENSINGTON PARKA AUSTRALIA meet journalists.
"It is an idealized vision of a Paris of today I wanted to exaggerate to calm the side"French bashing"», explains the German couturier. "Even the French say that the France is ugly, he should canada goose outlet toronto not exaggerate. «It's still not that bad it!»
"It was although this is an alien who makes it. "If it was a French, it would be patriotic, cocorico ', said the creator, which is defined as"international ".
If he chose a brewery, it is to "highlight a typically French institution.
"Look at the television,canada goose kensington parka saks there is that programs on food, pubs, restaurants. French cuisine has a worldwide reputation,"he says.
Asked also about the frantic pace of the current system of collections, which led CANADA GOOSE KENSINGTON PARKA WOMEN White 2506L some houses to stop ready-to-wear, the artistic director of Chanel, who designs eight collections a year, estimated that "some designers are perhaps a bit lazy".
"Chanel is a non-stop dialogue, there are hundreds of shops in the world. And every two months, something new,"says the couturier, who told recently not thinking about retirement.